Monday, August 15, 2016

Disneyworld - Magical Kingdom

Hi! My summer is ending already but I thought since i'm rather free now (before school catches up), I should blog a bit about the trip! (I just wanna dump the photos up so please bear with me//)

So after Miami, we went back to Orlando! Our only aim is to visit both of the famous theme parks over there; Disneyworld and Universal Studios! 

the famous cinderella's castle!

Bought the minnie headband for around $25 :P 

with my girls!

and ChunHow haha!

loving the snapchat filter x

brought my fisheye lens along too

The composition of Magical Kingdom is similar to the one in HongKong! 

While waiting for the noon parade; it rained for quite a while which is quite a bummer //

love this filter!

We managed to get on most rides that we want! (all thanks to the express pass thing! Though we did spend some time lining up for some rides)

I loveeeee Disney Stores! They are so beautiful :P

The castle at night!

Took so many videos of the magnificent fireworks show but I want everyone to be able to enjoy it real life and feel it so i'm not posting it here! The emotion is really overwhelming and I wouldnt mind going back just to feel the magic once again!

(The rides are okay in general, because being with friends makes everything better; i'm really glad that we went on this trip x)

Ok bye 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Miami Summer 2016

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! I went to Florida a few weeks ago and I thought that I should blog about it while the memories are still freshly etched in my mind :P 
(hence the delay of my Korea trip...)

Our first stop is



Miami is really like what we imagined, a lot of uptown stuff (their buildings are so different from what we have here in DesMoines), beautiful beaches, amazing array of mansions with yachts parked beside them, cars that run directly into your heart (like seriously why are these peeps so rich urgh) and loads of sunshine (plus trees!).

We didnt plan a lot for Miami because we will only be there for 2 days and 1 night and since the upcoming days in Orlando will be jam packed, we agreed on spending our precious 2 days in Miami in a more relaxed way!

(brb my heart is melting)

When I say relaxed I mean take shit loads of photos :P 
(please bear with me, the sun and beach combo is what we craved for so badly after the whole winter in Iowa...)

(it's a heart shape if you look closely heh)


Oh, the only thing we planned was to have Stone Crab! HEHHEHE
We went to Joe's Stone Crab due to the raving comments but unfortunately the dine-in area was closed due to a private event, but fortunately the take-out section is still open!

Each of us ordered a dish for our own (mine was a Crab roll with chips) and we shared both the Crab Bisque and Jumbo Stone Crab Claw!

AHHH this is really fresh! A tad bit of butter sauce + tinge of lemon is all that it needs!

T_T tax in Miami is crazily high (for us!)


After the satisfying meal, we head to a nearby park (South Pointe if i'm not mistaken) for a stroll (and in hope of watching sunset but it was too cloudy haha)

 Nonetheless, it was a really good day!

We then head to our apartment and spent our night watching movie! (as we were advised to not brave the night outdoors HAHAHHA)

That's all for our short stay in Miami, can't wait to blog more about our Florida trip x

Really grateful to have these girls as my travel companion!